Why do I travel? What am I looking for? For these genuine questions, I still don’t have full answers.

All I know is travel makes me a happier, more grateful, better person. It feeds my curiosity and broaden my horizons.

I travel to near and faraway lands looking for local specialities, off-beaten adventures and stories. Stories told by the strangers and locals I meet on the way and most importantly my own stories.

The stories told in this space are the sum of my emotions, learnings and experiences. It is my way to make sure my memories are kept safe and alive forever.

I hope these stories serve as a reminder on how beautiful our planet is, on how kind humans are, most of them anyway and on resilient and strong we can be in the face of misadventure and change. May you find inspiration in these stories!

Travel Stories

My travels have changed through out the years. It went from frantic attempts to checkbox a list of “must-sees” to a more relaxed journeys with the goal to submerge myself into local cultures to understand a place and its people.

The stories in this category are honest stories about adventures, misadventures, joy, fear, travel anxieties, prejudices, kindness and overall amazing memories.

Food Stories

Food is a big part of my life including my travels. I put the same amount of thought and energy in what and where to eat, exactly if not more than the time I spend planning what to see.

From the stranger who offered me a coffee in Cappadocia, to the lady who ordered me my first meal in Penang and all the street food stories in between, some of my fondest travel memories and experiences are related to food.

Photo Essays

My photography skills have come a long way with the smartphone revolution and my excessive use of Instagram. I eventually bought myself a bulky Canon camera as my first camera.

I’m still trying to improve my photography skills. I occasionally produce videos as well, the GoPro kind.

In this section, I share with you what I’ve captured with my smartphone and/or camera lens.

PHOto essays