The Travelling Foodie guide to chocolate in Bruges

I was on a business trip to Antwerp when I took a quick detour to spend half a day in Bruges before catching the Eurostar back home. I was determined to eat chocolate in Bruges.

Considering the short time I had, I opted to try the most popular chocolatiers…by Google standards. Therefore, this isn’t an extensive guide, instead it’s my favourite picks.

A brief history of Belgian chocolate

Belgium’s association with chocolate goes back as far as 1635 when the country was under Spanish occupation shortly after chocolate had been brought to Europe from Mesoamerica.

Belgium was able to import cocoa from its African colony, the Belgian Congo.

The chocolate industry in Belgium expanded massively and gained an international reputation, thus the invention of the Praline in 1912.

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges, the home of chocolate

Bruges, like the rest of the country, discovered cocoa when the Spanish brought it from the new world.

With their history trading in sugar cane, families in Bruges started mixing sugar with cocoa. And so began a long history of making the finest chocolate in the world.

It’s hard to miss this history. Everywhere you look in town, you see a chocolate shop.

Unmissable chocolatiers in Bruges

When it comes to chocolate shops and chocolatiers in Bruges , the list is long.

For those of you on a limited time in Bruges and unable to check every single shop, I narrowed down the options for you. But honestly, you don’t need to worry too much about which shop to visit. The majority of them are amazing, you can’t go wrong!

Here are the unmissable chocolatiers in Bruges I tried:

The Chocolate Line

The Chocolate Line shop

The Chocolate Line is a unique, very artsy chocolate shop. The shop interior is worth the visit.

On top of the design, you get absolutely delicious chocolate with various flavours and shapes. It’s very playful!

Chocolatier Dumon

You won’t miss the Dumon shop in Bruges. It has a cute exterior that perfectly represents the architecture of the city.

It is still a family run business despite growing and expanding. They have a variety of amazing chocolates.

A bonus for chocoholics : the chocolate museum

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to visit Choco Story Brugge , the chocolate museum. If you do have more time than I had, make sure to visit to know more about the history of chocolate and learn the differences between the different types of chocolate.

Did you visit Bruges? What chocolate shops did you visit?

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