Exploring Tea Plantations in Sri Lanka

Chances are when you’re visiting Sri Lanka, you are going to visit Hill Country, the land of tea plantations and scenic views.

Sri Lanka’s tea country is simply breathtaking and so magical.

You get to enjoy acres and acres of vivid green and some of the best tea in the world.


Hill Country is a popular destination. Most people take the scenic train from Ella to Nuwara Eliya which is considered one of the world’s most beautiful train trips.

Unfortunately, we did not take the train, instead we drove. A road trip to Hill Country is no less breathtaking than the train especially with the many fruit and street food stops 😉


There are plenty of tea plantations to choose from. We will refrain from recommending any. They all offer very similar experience.

You get to wander the factory and witness the process of making tea then you’ll be treated to a tasting to try the different flavours( Black, green, white, etc.) . Most factories have a shop to buy tea gifts and souvenirs.


Although we wouldn’t qualify this experience as the most authentic, expect the factories to be crowded with other curious travellers and tourists, we really recommend going to Hill Country and enjoy this stunning area.
Tea lovers will love experiencing how one of the best teas in the world is being made.

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