Safar is the Arabic word for ‘journey’. To my own surprise, the same word is used in Urdu, Sindhi, Pashto, and Azerbaijani! Who knew!

 Safar is a journey through new cultures, through food and unexpected encounters. It is also a writing journey for me with great aspirations. 

And while the top 10 lists type of blogs are useful, necessary one might argue, this isn’t the vision and direction for this space. 

The theme for the era we are living in is abundance: abundance in data and an abundance in options. The price we’re paying for that is misinformation and slowly loosing authenticity. 

More than ever before, we need stories to bring us closer to each other, to connect us to our humanity and to others.

In the words of Jimmy Chin: ” It’s about sharing stories that inspire people and open their eyes to a different world”. 

Safar is the journey of exploration, connections, kindness and food, always food.

Picture of evil eyes hanging from a tree and a restaurant in the background